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Dr. Alex is a very competent and personable guy. After law school my back was demolished from sitting there with my head hanging off my body staring at law-books for 3 years. Alex had me fixed within a few sessions. I started by going bi-weekly but now I barely need to go once every 2 months and that too I go just for a mild tune-up, nothing major. Seems like my back issues are miraculously a thing of the past. The best part about Dr. Alex is the level of access you get. He is very prompt with responding to emails and will always hook you up with same day appointments. Payment plans are also flexible.”

I’ve been very pleased with Dr. Alex, Highly recommended.

Chaz N – San Francisco, CA

My first visit with Dr. Alex,I went for the TRIFECTA.  First was my exam and adjustment with the good doctor himself.  A couple of twists and pops and I felt blood rushing back to all my favorite parts.  It was really good.  Next stop, Tina the acupuncturist; she is a superbly smart and warm lady who encouraged me to get my snore on (I haven’t slept that well in MONTHS).  Finished it all off with a no-nonsense muscle-resetting massage by Lawrence.  If there was any video of me leaving the building, there would be proof that a human can FLOAT ON AIR.

I’ve gotten all these treatments at other places…..separately.  To have it all in one location?  Pure genius.

Sheila G. – San Francisco, CA