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California Chiropractic Center

The office of Dr. Alex Franceschi. 3C is a Wellness Center that offers Chiropractic, Spinal Decompression, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Soft Wave Therapy and Massage Therapy. I would like to welcome all new and future patients to our office in SOMA.

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Dr. Alex Franceschi graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Science in the field of Chemistry from the University of New York at Binghamton, and then pursued his graduate degree at Dartmouth College in Organic Chemistry. After a couple of years Dr. Alex realized his calling was not in Research and Academia but rather teaching and helping people even though he enjoyed the field of chemistry greatly.

Dr. Alex then attended Life Chiropractic College West and received a Doctorate in Chiropractic Sciences here in the Bay area in 2004. After his graduation he decided to reside in the beautiful city of San Francisco for its glorious weather under 60 degrees and the fog that rolls in after 4 pm even though he could not find a descent slice of pizza or a chicken/veal Parmesan wedge.

Dr. Alex has lived and worked in the South of Market (SOMA) area of San Francisco since 2000. He established a Wellness Center in 2005, where he incorporated chiropractic care with acupuncture and massage therapies. …


He was very knowledgeable

When I arrived at the Clinic, I was greeted by Sara, the office manager, who was extremely friendly and helpful. She definitely made me feel at ease since it was my first visit to a Chiropractor.  I made an appointment with Dr. Alex due to some minor back pain and tension that I was experiencing. After several adjustments I noticed a big improvement in my back. He was very knowledgeable in providing advice on how to improve my posture. I would highly recommend Dr. Alex and his staff to anyone in need of Chiropractic care.

Ray P.

Client, San Francisco, CA

I’ve recommended the service to my partner

Dr. Alex is as he is often reviewed on this site…  Efficient, personable, knowledgeable, and very effective.  I have always been leery of Chiropractors but my sessions with Dr. Alex have been very beneficial to my health.  I’m sleeping better, have better range of motion, and most of all appreciate not only the back and neck advice but the whole approach to nutrition and health that Dr. Alex uses in his practice.  I’ve recommended the service to my partner and now I recommend it heartily to all Yelp-ers!

Steve T.

Client, San Francisco, CA

I am extremely happy and satisfied with

I called Dr. Alex in a panic because I was suffering from severe back pain and needed an adjustment ASAP. I had a busy schedule that day and the only time I could see him was on his lunch break. He cut his lunch short to see me and did wonders. He isolated where my pain was and adjusted me quickly giving me immediate relief. The only complaint I had was that I had to watch a 10 minute video my second visit covering things that I have heard from various chiropractors I had seen over the past years.

He charges a $100 first visit fee and $60 for every visit after that, a fair price.  He also has prepaid plans for recurring clients that save a few dollars in the long run.  I am extremely happy and satisfied with his practice and will continue to see him!

E O.

Client, San Francisco, CA

The office environment is relaxing

I did not necessarily have any pain but Dr. Alex convinced me that “preventive” care was the way to go for active people such as myself. After a few visits, my back & neck felt better than it ever has before. The office environment is relaxing, the staff wonderful and the care professional and educational.

Rob S.

Client, San Francisco, CA

Dramatic improvement in my back pain

I’ve been going to see Dr. Alex for several weeks now and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my back pain to the point where I hardly notice it. Before going in for adjustments I would be in pain after a few hours sitting at my desk at work and now that’s not a problem!

Adam M.

Client, San Francisco, CA

My neck was noticeably better after about two visits

I have been seeing Dr. Alex for about six months now. I was beginning to experience increasing neck pain and stiffness that would last days on end and affect my sleep. I finally decided to go to the chiropractor and see how it worked. This is my first use of a chiropractor and I have been very pleased with the results.

My neck was noticeably better after about two visits. I continued twice a week for about a month and really felt great. I have continued to attend for maintenance care one or two times a month, so that I do not relapse. I would recommend CCC to anyone, since they have been nothing but genuinely friendly and professional. Sara is always friendly in the front area, and I have even used Dr. Yuen once, while Dr. Alex was out of town.

Jason B.

Client, San Francisco, CA

I really enjoy going to Dr. Alex

I started going there this year with a very mild lower back pain and I’m also one of those people that love an adjustment at least every month. The lower back pain was gone after a couple of sessions and I keep coming for more adjustments and will continue to do so. After the rough appearance of the building, the office is incredibly nice with wooden floors and soft light. Sara is very friendly at the front desk.

Dr. Alex is also very friendly and we love to chat about our dogs, but most important he’s very knowledgeable, also if you’re a dog lover you may get lucky and see Hugo around the office. I highly recommend Dr Alex and the CCC.

Fab F.

Client, San Francisco, CA

I would highly recommend Dr. Alex

The first meeting was very excellent, he took time to explain what chiropractic care consisted of and to take a detailed history. We devised a plan that I would come 2-3 times a week. These visits were covered by my insurance so out of pocket cost was very reasonable. I was advised to place cold compress on my back daily.

“After the first 3 visits I was walking more comfortably and able to lift my baby without cringing. By two weeks I was 100% and all the pain and discomfort became a distant memory. I would highly recommend Dr. Alex if you’re unable to go about your daily routine due to body aches and pains. He’s a sweet guy who obviously loves what he does and will do his best to make you feel better.

Christina S.

Client, San Francisco, CA

I’m happy to have Dr. Alex cracking my bones, for sure

So, here’s the deal. I have nothing wrong with my back. I’ve never twisted it, hurt it or been in an accident (knock wood). But I love going to a chiropractor, to me it’s like getting a tune-up on your car – if you don’t do it often enough, the car’s going to break down. It is the same with other people in my opinion. If you don’t get adjusted you’re going to break down and get sick or hurt yourself.

So, I found this place on an inside track (ah the perks of working at Yelp) and called up Dr. Alex Franceschi. What a great, energetic guy who was excited to have me as a patient and gave me the lowdown on chiropractic care. I feel nice and relaxed after getting adjusted, he does nice work and he won’t rough you up. That and his office has character with old wood floors and funky artwork, it’s not clinical at all. I’m happy to have Dr. Alex cracking my bones, for sure.

Michael E.

Client, San Francisco, CA

Will definitely be coming back

I’ve never gone to see a chiropractor but my neck and lower back have always been killing me, so why not use my insurance while I still have it. I Came to see Dr. Alex and his office is really cute, just the elevator ride up. Waiting for it takes about forever. But it’s in a great location and he was really informative and thorough.  He made sure that he explained everything to me. I got my first adjustment and will definitely be coming back.

Anh P.

Client, San Francisco, CA

I would highly recommend Dr. Alex

I was dealing with some neck and back pain, and went to see Dr. Alex. He was great in helping me to understand how my habits and lifestyle were contributing to my pain. He doesn’t just do adjustments. He wants to consult with his patients to help them feel better for a lifetime, not just the day they come in to see him.

Once I woke up with an awful pain in my back (probably a rib out of alignment)and called Dr. Alex.  He saw me within 20 minutes.  I was feeling better w/in an hour of his adjustment. Now that’s service! I would highly recommend Dr. Alex to anyone seeking a competent and caring chiropractor!

Fiona D.

San Mateo, CA

I left feeling relaxed ..It was sweet

Took me a while to find this place – now I know it’s immediately behind Jack Falstaff on Brannan – there’s actually a piece of paper in the window above the doors with the address on it. Fortunately, someone let me in – not sure how I would have done it otherwise. I arrived 5 minutes early to fill out paperwork, etc. My acupuncturist arrived ten minutes late. I’m on my lunch hour here. The first visit is really quite comprehensive, as he will tell you. Also, surprised to find out only chiropractic care is “in network” and acupuncture San Francisco is $50 a session, regardless of what your individual insurance company will contribute.

Overall I left feeling relaxed and at ease, although different than any treatments I’ve received elsewhere. I am still undecided as to which I prefer and which is more effective. Update: He called a couple days after to check on me….it was sweet.

Angela N.

Oakland, CA

I will definitely be back for maintenance

After falling of a 15 ft boulder in the rock gym, I hurt my back. I went to one chiropractic center and never went back. Then I found Dr. Alex and now my back is healed. His office is great about missed (oops!) and about rescheduling appointments.

Dr. Alex was very informative, personable and great at what he does. I always felt comfortable and he really listened to my needs. Marty is a great therapist and great at going through stretching exercises (relaxing). The doggies are also a cute addition if you’re a dog lover. I finished my treatment plan but I will definitely be back for maintenance.

Kelley P.

San Francisco, CA

His prenatal massages are great

I’m not a client of California Chiropractic Center so,I can’t really comment on their chiropractic work.  However, I was glad to hear that my favorite massage therapist, Moe, works there.  I feel comfortable with Moe and like his technique.  His prenatal massages are great. When I feel tension in my back, I need a good massage, not someone torub me down like I’m getting ready to tan on the beach.

L N S.

San Francisco, CA

He’s passionate about finding solutions for his clients

I work at my desk all day long and even in the evenings as well. I’ve got aches and pains from my toes to my ears. I went to get a massage on a friends’ recommendation at a place in Nob Hill. I came there looking miserable. As I enter to their office and met Moe Rowland, I explained my predicament. Within 15 minutes the knots were untied and I was feeling better than ever.

Moe is focused and experienced. He’s passionate about finding solutions for his clients that promote health and positive energy. He’s nothing short of phenomenal. In the end, he explains to you what he found, and small things I can do to mitigate the discomfort, so I don’t keep showing up to him like precooked spaghetti. He will also force you to drink water, water, water. Don’t miss him!

Laura F.

San Francisco, CA

Really convenient to MUNI and Caltrain

I have been seeing Dr. Alex for the last 3 years for mostly neck pain and the occasional low back pain from a 40-50 hour job where I sit in front of a computer for 8-10 hours a day. Dr. Alex was really thorough on the first visit and explained what he was doing and why.  I felt immediate results after the first visit and I gradually returned to normal after a week or two of adjustments. I continue to see Dr. Alex for maintenance care once to twice month.

Their staff was better than most offices I have been to. They never have failed to overlooked up my insurance benefits.  The 3C staff explained my benefits to me before I filled out the paper work and I understood what the charge was that day instead of getting a bill in the mail 1 to 2 months later. The office is definitely one of the nicest and very comfortable offices I have been and it is really convenient to MUNI and Caltrain if you’re coming from downtown such as myself.

Thuy N.

San Francisco, CA

Recommend his practice and staff

I have been seeing Dr. Alex for about 3 years for chiropractic maintenance.  I feel chiropractic care is important and feel Dr. Alex truly knows what he is doing.  I would recommend his practice and staff to anyone looking for chiropractic services and massage therapy in  the city.

Brian L.

San Francisco, CA

He is always on time and on target

It was my first time for chiropractor in several years and surely it is a great way to maintain my health.  Dr. Alex is really straightforward and clear.  At first he was too formal for me, but it is way worth it, because he is always on time and on target with my spine.  I recommended for professionals and busy folks.  Not very “granola” if you were looking for that.

Arthur Z.

San Francisco, CA

Helping me Retrain my Body

I’ve seen Dr. Alex for a few months now, and have seen a dramatic improvement. He’s very informative and thorough, and quite importantly, accessible when you need him! I’ve never had to wait for a treatment, and have been able to go in the same day I’ve called on many occasions. Also, I have to mention Marty, who works with Dr. Alex. Marty, has helped me incrediblyby helping me retrain my body to relax and move in a more aligned and proper way.

And yes, the doggies are really, really cute!!

April W.

Pacifica, CA

Pure Genius

My first visit with Dr. Alex,I went for the TRIFECTA.  First was my exam and adjustment with the good doctor himself.  A couple of twists and pops and I felt blood rushing back to all my favorite parts.  It was really good.  Next stop, Tina the acupuncturist; she is a superbly smart and warm lady who encouraged me to get my snore on (I haven’t slept that well in MONTHS).  Finished it all off with a no-nonsense muscle-resetting massage by Lawrence.  If there was any video of me leaving the building, there would be proof that a human can FLOAT ON AIR.

I’ve gotten all these treatments at other places…..separately.  To have it all in one location?  Pure genius.

Sheila G.

San Francisco, CA